byAbimbola Abe

The Fight



I walked briskly towards the assembly ground, a minute delay and I'll be late. I got to there and I realized that late comers were already being punished. I strode towards the rest of the student and await my punishment. Senior Bob is one of the most feared bully in the school, his well ironed cloth and well combed hair could deceive you into thinking he's responsible - must have been what deceived the teachers into making him the labor prefect. He is as well brilliant, outspoken and a good pretender. Everyone is scared of him. Especially with news-- or rumor of how he dates and forces young boys into sexual activities with him.


Being the Labour Prefect, he's always in charge of assigning task to late comers and he had severally misused the power. By freeing anyone he was interested from whatsoever punishment and buying them gifts...

 Gnemi entered. There's a rumor about the two of them dating which is why Gnemi was never punished for being late.  Well not this time. I won't be punished while someone else will go scot free, his task should even be more, he came forty minutes late. I grumbled within myself.

We dare not talk.

I and the rest disgustingly watched as Bob whispered something into Gnemi's ear while he blushed and chuckled. Then he moved to the assembly hall.

No one uttered a word.

My village people must be dancing 'Etighi’ on my head.

As I blurted "but sir, he came late"

You said what?, he asked. Hoping his disconcerting look would discourage me.

I didn't mean to blurt it out, to avoid trouble, I should have apologized.

But I didn't.  Something in me was screaming for a fight - was something added to the tea I drank earlier. I didn't have enough time to ponder or question on what's going on in my body system.

 Everyone held their breath. They knew what was coming and they secretly itched for it.  

I looked at their faces for support, maybe even rescue. But neither was coming forth. So, I brazed myself up for a fight.

You heard me, he came late!  He should join us.


Bob looked at the foolish boy. He must be doing this to prove himself. He tried hard not to stare at his lips, those sexy lips he'll have to blow. Only if he wasn't rude - he might have considered him…

Perhaps he's a new comer who doesn't know him and what he's capable of...

He needs to be taught a lesson. Gifts and other plans can come later.  But right now, I must make him a scape goat to others who try to counter my decision.


Tomi watched Bob drew close, He also saw a smirk on his face and the way he licked his lips seductively. It wasn't just a rumor after all. The energy to fight doubled and he doesn't care the price he has to pay for this.


Unaware of the senior at his front, 'Gbooos!, a thunderous slap landed on his right cheeks.


"Next time you don't question my order" The glaring senior said.

He touched his cheeks, he could feel the redness and it itched. The more he rubbed it, the more it hurts.

Everyone started shouting. Some were even screaming my name, like I'm some sort of champion. This is bound to go viral


I lunged at the senior with all my strength and gave him a blow across his face. That proud face. Not missing the surprise look he gave before the blow landed. He staggered back, traces of blood from his mouth. He looked angry but this time I was prepared.


Some of the amebo's had gone to report the fight and I just have to spoil this senior's face before they arrived.

Bottom line: I'll be punished. Either he gets bruised or really wounded. So, I might has well take my chance and give him the latter

I dodged the first and second blow he attempted, as he tried lunging forward and land me a kick but I was faster.  I targeted his lower stomach - torso precisely and used my whole strength to render the kick. That did him. I watched as he slowly sank to the ground in pain.  


Students around me clapped and screamed. Temporarily choosing to forget the punishment that awaits me, I smiled at them and enjoyed the moment. I even flexed my muscle, imagining myself to be the new Bruce Lee.


 I know I'm under probation and could even be expelled. But, I feel justified for I have "I fought the good fight"




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