byAbimbola Abe

The Trained Flea

Have you ever watched a flea in a jar??? At first, the flea jumps and jumps and constantly hit the lid. Keeping a closer look at them with time, you will notice something interesting; the flea will keep jumping but won't jump high enough to hit the lid again.

Why?  You may wonder. It's because upon hitting the lid, it has learnt to protect itself by limiting its height.  The strangest thing is, even after removing the lid, it keeps jumping, but it does not jump out of the jar. Once it has trained itself to a certain height below the lid, that is how far it would jump.

Studying this insect made me realize, we all have an "invisible lid" in our lives – we call it our limits.

Have you hit your head so many times and you've limited yourself by not jumping as high??

We know we get too close to our limits because something emotional, depressing, painful, fearful or even fails at something. We get to our emotional surface and then treat the feeling as a limit--somewhere we stay far from. Little do we know that if we keep pushing or aiming beyond the lids we would see the greater and larger place we never knew existed because of our invisible lids.

Our life experience, our conversations, traditions and beliefs have created who we are at this moment.

What if instead we saw our world without lids– invisible or otherwise? What if we were to start to see that we have unlimited potential instead of being limited?

I truly believe we have the ability to do amazingly well at some things in life - things that we have previously told ourselves we shouldn’t even try, shouldn’t expect, or won’t succeed at. We all possess unique talents, strengths and passions that allow us to be exceptional at some things. To discover our areas of greatness, we must jump over any lid to see that there is no hurt -just some fear.

 In life, Instead of trying things and pushing our limits, we learn to clearly define our limits, and once established, not challenge them. We are afraid to speak publicly because we think it's frightening or work in jobs that we don’t really like because we are afraid to try our own business or work in roles that we are passionate about. We build fences to protect ourselves from the unknown. And the result is they limit how great our lives can be.

A fulfilled and great life is about moving past our lids – our self-imposed limits.

There is a great joy in trying things out, examining life, and seeing what amplifies our spirits. Twenty-five percent of people openly admit that they never live their potential; they have programmed a height that keeps their lives small.

Don't be a flea this coming year, challenge that lid. It’s just an imaginary lid. And instead of seeing fear, see your life without a lid - without limitations - living your potential  - changing your world. Then, with courage, inspire others to move past their fences.

Remember, a bump in the head is worth the risk compared to the opportunities to reach new levels and jump out of the Jar.







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