by  Omolarami Owotomose

Volunteerism Is BAE

Volunteerism is an act of offering social or educational services for an organization or event especially with the expectation of little or no pay at the end of the service.

So many challenges are attached to being a volunteer like being under praised, not given the necessary entitlement and so on.

But there are endless lists of things you could probably gain from being a volunteer.

You get to meet people of like minds, passion, vision and drive.

You see another beautiful you, committing your strengths into what you are not being paid for and you are doing excellently well with it.

So much fun to see others happy and having a sense of fulfillment all because you are there.

However, some are dormant volunteers, they are lazy and sluggish about their assignments because they are only there because they want to show off and let people see they are there.

I have heard people talk about being used in the place of volunteerism but the truth is "while you feel you are being used, others are watching you and appreciating all you are capable of doing that was hidden to them before the process"

In volunteerism, being used is being showcased.

Relax!!! Being used might be all you need to get and keep the right connection.





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