byOgundoyin Adewale


Creativity happens everywhere, at any time, by anyone.

 It happens in the most overlooked place. It happens in planning the meal for the day; in how we cook the food we eat, in the route we decide to take to save time. There is a seed of creativity in everyone, implanted in us by our Maker, who is Creativity Himself. 


Although we exhibit creativity in varying degrees I believe anyone is capable of creativity. As much as I do believe it is inert in everyone, I wouldn't say it is a talent, I rather believe that creativity is a skill that can be harnessed, measured and improved upon

Creativity is defined as the use of imagination or original ideas to create something.


With this definition comes this misconception that creativity is artistry, someone who can draw, mold or paint. This perception is one-sided; it's just about an arm of creativity.

There is also the misconception that creativity is for a selected few, I beg to differ.

I believe that creativity is problem-solving. Have you ever solved a problem? That's creativity, you are creative.

However, as broad as this sounds there is more to it, there are the elements of relevance and novelty to creativity.

Relevance deals with the level to which a problem is actually solved. This definition automatically distinguishes boys from men, because most people do not really solve a problem they just sort of dance around it. It's like doing the same thing all the time and expecting a different result, that's just the opposite of creativity. A lot of people also do not have an understanding of what problems they face so they inadvertently fail at solving them.

Take, for instance, a situation where there is a leaking pipe. You could put a bucket underneath to collect the droplets, eventually, the bucket would be full and there would be a need to empty the bucket or replace it,  either way, the problem is unsolved, there is still leaking water.

You could also decide to roll a rubber or polythene material over the leaking area, eventually, water would find its way, though at a reduced pace. This also does not really solve the problem.

However, you could cut the affected area, then join the retained part with an open-ended "connector" or replace the whole pipe. This solves the problem, no more leakage.

As straight forward as it seems, that's creativity, but unfortunately a lot of people fail at this.


The second element of creativity is novelty, it is the level of originality and uniqueness a solution possess.

This element demands self-reflection and actualization. It should not be viewed as rocket science, rather I believe the uniqueness and originality in this definition highlights solving a problem in a peculiar way.

No two people are the same, what this says is that we are individually unique in our own ways, so novelty preaches exploring and applying these peculiarities to the problem we face, individually and corporately as a group of people.

So what am I implying here?

What I'm saying is that creativity is a part of every one of us, it is not gifted to a special set of people, rather it is available for everyone, it is what differentiates us from animals.

It is not cheap. It requires being disciplined and intentional. It demands learning. It requires constant application to get better and better.

Creativity can be applied to our everyday life.

Creativity is what you need to be that better person you have always wanted to be, to your wife, to your children, at work, in your community.

Sometimes it is thinking within the box, sometimes it requires thinking outside of it.

Creativity is not farfetched, it is well within your grasp, embrace it, learn it and nurture it. You're created creative, be who you are and get better, participate in programs (like #30DaysWritingChallenge) to develop your creativity.

This year be intentionally creative, pursue creativity and pinnacle would be just in a matter of time.




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