byOgundoyin Adewale

This Faithful Day 

So he would have none of those feigned grin.

Mr. Shola why do you beat your wife always? He queried as if Shola signed up for an interview.


Shola's cheerful beam dissipates into oblivion, and now adorning sore scowl, his facial appearance and demeanor as whole responding distasteful to the seemingly groundless interrogation Uche is subjecting him to.


"It's none of your business abeg, this is family issue, which kind question you dey ask me now" Shola replied, withdrawing disconcertingly to his Sofa, he never expected to be greeted with such embarrassing query.


Uche however, would stay dogged, he remains poised to have an answer to his enquiry as he walked inside the living room, straight to where Shola is seated and queried again, "I say, why do you beat your wife always, every time na so so beating, you turn you wife into punching back, tell me now why you beat your wife every time.


Now feeling uncomfortable and threatened by the heated tempo of his voice and combative countenance, he reached out to the newspaper on his centre table as if the answer Uche demanded is included in the editorial pages of the dailies. In his mind he would just ignore Uche, assuming he's absorbed and get busy with where he left off on the newspaper, but he just couldn't.


The hostile mannerism Uche seems keen on this morning is having an adverse effect on his coordination. He is feeling uneasy now, although he appears entrenched in happenings in the dailies, in reality he has lost all of his senses. All he could feel now is fear breathing down to his spine.

Uche’s aggressive mien this morning is not what he envisaged. He dread what would ensue if he threatened or replied Uche angrily. Uche’s enquiry doesn't speak civility in any way, he seemed unswerving for blood.

Uche is who you would call "Mr Macho" he is tall, huge and full of muscles. Shola on the other hand is an average height, conspicuously tiny man. A combat between them would only head one way- Shola at the emergency ward.

To avoid any form of verbal or physical exchange, Shola decided to conceal inside. He was almost erect when Uches threat sent shivers down his spine.

"If you stand up, you dey craze I dey ask you question" Uche threatened. Now inadvertently seated, Shola wondered if Uche had smoked "paw paw" this morning. He was dumbfounded, wondering why someone will come to another man's house, hell-bent on having answers to someone else's private affairs.


To be continued




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