byFasusi Ayobami

Random Stories of Amazing Guys I have Met



Life is full of surprises, they say.

We don't get to choose the ones that happen to us but sometimes, shock absorbers against every element of surprise is a prerequisite for survival.


This prompted me to keep a sanitary pad in all my handbags for security reasons.


One unfortunate day, I decided to try my roommate's bag to school to pepper them, not knowing that I would be the peppered victim.


Halfway through the lecture, I noticed a strange wetness around my groin.

I reached for the bag and the rescue weapon was not there because I was carrying the wrong bag.

I checked the calendar on my phone and I confirmed that it was an early period.


'Which kain wahala be this?' I lamented within.

There was no way I could leave the hall without attracting prying eyes.

When the historical lecture finally came to an end, I made to stand up and I discovered that there was danger on my skirt.

I was glued to my seat.

It was a sit down order.


Students were trooping out of the hall and I knew that it was only a matter of time before I become casted.


After an eternity of exasperation, I saw a hostel mate wearing a fancy black jacket on a shirt, he was leaving the hall. I beckoned to him and requested that he lend me his jacket.

He was skeptical at first but I managed to convince him that it was a matter of national emergency.


He had no choice; I tied the jacket around my waist and headed home.

See race!

Even the bike I mounted was not left out, I had to clean the painting smartly.

I settled at home and washed away the red wine.


Gracias to my friend who sacrificed his jacket to prevent my biological Painting from public exhibition.



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