bySidiqat Olalere-Abdulkareem

Motherly Instinct   

Have you ever wondered what majority of mothers go through for the comfortability of their children? It is true that we can only imagine it, but never really know what it’s like. And majority of the things our mothers do for us, they do it subconsciously, never really thinking much about it until maybe later. This is why you’ll see some mothers sell their clothes just to provide for their children or take up menial jobs to cater for their basic needs.


My motherly instinct kicked off immediately I knew we were expecting a child and I didn’t even realize it until later. I’ve always had problems with the acid level in my gut, and as such, I take Pepcid, a kind of medication that regulates the acid level in the stomach. So, once I knew we were expecting, I stopped taking any kind of medication. It sometimes takes persuasion from my husband to make me take paracetamol. I know it’s that bad. And when nausea and tiredness wouldn’t let me rest in my first trimester and he suggested we visit a clinic so they can give me medicines to make me feel better, I rejected it. I just had it somewhere in my head that nothing must happen to this child, I didn’t even want to know the component of whatever medicine I’d be given.


Few nights ago, I couldn’t take it any longer. Heartburn was driving me crazy; I could barely eat anything because whatever I eat will always result in getting one. And I asked myself if I’m even doing the baby or myself any favour at all as I could barely eat anything beneficial for us without getting a terrible heartburn. It’s actually one of the things that keep me up at night.


Therefore, without telling anyone in the house, I grabbed my car keys and went to the nearest pharmacy to get a pack of Pepcid. I had had enough of being uncomfortable. And I began to ask myself why I hadn’t been using the medicine earlier enough, even with the clearance from my doctor that it’s safe to use in pregnancy.


Then I realized that it was my motherly instinct at work. I wanted the best for my child, and in the process, hurting myself. This is one of the many reasons mothers are referred to as angels, they’ll do anything for their children. I totally agree with the Igbo phrase, Nneka, Mother is supreme.





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