byAAT Sarumi


For the undisputable fact that we have written many things, regardless of the genre, we feel that writing a sales copy won’t be a problem and there is no immediate need for learning how to.

Small business owners also think that they need a fat bank account to get a good sales copy when they can easily write theirs. Notwithstanding your position, you can deliver a great sales copy that will convert and do wonderful numbers for your business.

Whether as an expert or a beginner, all you need to write a sales copy that will deliver as you wish for it, is to follow the guidelines for writing a sales copy and the magic will be done. In fact, it must not be seen as the job of an advertisement guru.


Shall We?

To begin, I need to tell you these principles are not the ones needed to launch a spaceship – they are mostly the everyday things you have overlooked as a writer. Paying attention to these guidelines, systematically, will help you generate a copy you will be proud of.

The under-listed steps will guide you and I implore you to improve upon each step as much as you can.




Draft and Revise.





This is the bedrock of a delightful and eagle eyed sales copy. It is also the most intensive and requires more time than the rest. Generally, sales copy is not for those who are not patient or those who delay in taking action as you need to invest as much time as you can afford to deliver it.

That been said, researching for a sales copy must be done diligently. As you begin your research, you should set your mind to researching the customer, your product and established competitions.

The first blessing from researching is that you will find out what matters to your buyers and what buying this products means for them. Remember that the reason you are writing this copy is to generate sales. And people only part with their money for reasons best known to then/values they crave; so find out through research so you can make that exchange.

When people look out for values in a market that has many players, you must know what your competitors are offering so you can get that extra sale if you convey the message of what you sell clearly even when your competitor offers more. Clarity of message is essential and you must give it without thinking twice.



For this part, it will differ and depend on what your web page structure looks like (this assumes that you have a Website). No matter where you are publishing your copy, 3 things must not be missing and they are as below, in the order I have written it.

a.            Headline: This headline must be able to summarise all that you’d be talking about. It should be short – must communicate the benefit easily alongside the product’s name. Ensure that the heading is catchy and strong enough to keep them on your page. The headline and every other part of your copy must resonate. If a prospective buyer reads just a part of the copy, it must have the same meaning as your headline.

b.            Value Proposition: I know that the headline has a summary of benefit but at this point, you must itemise all the buyer gets (when they buy your product). This can also include basic technical information. Major online outlets do this a lot. They also use a separate page to communicate the hardest technical parts as majority of buyers don’t bother about this.

Clear proposition of attendant values is a must. Remember, clarity is non-negotiable.

c.             C T A: What is the essence of your beautiful description when you have not asked your readers to take specific actions? Call to Action is the most important part of your outline. It closes the whole document. Sometimes, you can add an extra, the expectation that comes after CTA. When you buy, this is what to expect. For emphasis, when a customer reads your CTA and expectation, regardless of tone and difference in choice of words, it must have the same meaning as your headline.


Draft and Revise

Writing your draft is as important as marking your outline. But as writers, we all pretend to be perfect beings, especially for what seems like the normal routine. However, for sales copy, we must revise the draft we have from our outline. After your draft, take a break, talk with people, eat your favourite meal and see a movie you love. You can go back to revise what you have now.

At this junction, take the pain to remove every word that will distract or confuse your reader. Your job is not to confuse but appeal to the reader. Needless words must be deleted and every jargon removed.

“Human relationships are about communicating. Business jargon should be banished in favor of simple English. Simplicity is a sign of truth and a criterion of beauty. Complexity can be a way of hiding the truth.”

— Helena Rubinstein



This is the ultimate. You didn’t write that beautiful sales copy for your archive.

Putting a great copy together is a skill you have to learn and improve on like other skills. The simple steps here will guide you from researching to publishing and you are set for the market.

As you conclude on it, ensure that you have shared with your colleagues for their feedbacks. Then, press the PUBLISH button.


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