byFaith Ajayi


Everything must come to an end

In every journey a lesson to learn

A story to tell generations

A dent in the sand of time


To not try at all

Is to fail in all

For how do we know our capabilities?

When we've failed to test our abilities


Break out of your shell

Get out of your comfort zone

Stretch your imaginations

And let your name resound in history


Rewrite history

You've got the ink and the paper

Thought may not be perfect

Write and own your story


Tick, tick, says the clock

The time to start is now

Wake up and reach for the sky

Don't stop till you get there


You win some, you lose some

For such is the battle of life

Never you be discourage

There's light at the end of the tunnel


No pain, no gain

After war, comes peace

Planting might be with tears

But with harvest comes joy



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