byAbimbola Abe

The Journey So Far

That  bright sunny day under the scorching sun, our bag pack  diligently strapped  behind our backs, each team  went  to the school assigned , ready to train the children who would be eager to see us and enthusiastic about another day’s lesson

We were neither bothered about the scorching sun nor the heavy weight of the bag- containing laptop behind our backs after all Nelson Mandela must have been talking about the future when he said “History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children”. In what better way can we take care of the future of our children if not by teaching them the language of the future?


How it all began…

Understanding the importance of equipping children with necessary skill set at an early stage, giving them a glimpse into the language of the future- which is programming.

 We thereby took this upon ourselves to teach the children this language- coding.

Codenonia code camp series started in 2017 with a strong passion of impacting and preparing the future generation. Maximizing the potentials of Africa by educating the child about technology (especially the less privileged) using Ekiti state our first point.

The road has been rough as expected, but our passion has not been dampened it has rather helped us forge ahead past challenges and hurdles.

One of the challenges faced is some of the school lacking enough facilities to train the children effectively, but we overcame this though we had to outsource the computer resources.

At first, we trained over 150 children with our funds, resources and timing for a period of four months. We issued certificates of participation to the kids.  We soon realized that to gain more ground quickly or reach more children, we need to constantly train up these children and we needed more funds to achieve that. It was while we were researching about getting more resources that we came about Africa code week 2017, we eagerly applied for the grant but we were denied.

Though we were disappointed but we decided not to give up, but fire up our passion and not lose the dream of enlightening these children

What’s Africa code Week???

Africa code week is a continent-wide initiative by SAP. The goal of Africa Code Week is to educate children and youths on digital literacy and coding skills by working closely with private, public and non-profit partners to ensure sustainable learning impact throughout Africa.

Our reward for not giving up paid up much later when we re-applied for the grant in 2018. There was much jubilation among the team when it was announced that we have been awarded the grant.

The grant was meant to train up children in one state (Ekiti state).

But after series of meeting and strategizing, we realized we could do something better and more impactful. We decided to train children in four more states (Osun, Kwara, Oyo and Ondo) within a period of one week. It was a daring thought at first, but we did it! And this has brought about our success story.

The facilitators in different state started with teaching the children the very basics of programming using scratch (a simple and easy to use computer application used for coding). Upon their completion the children at various schools excitedly made cartoon and games by coding. They also got familiarize with its importance and how it can solve real life problems in their various local communities


African code week success story will be incomplete without the facilitators who are enthusiastic and passionate enough to make impact and give these children a chance to strive in the tech future.

To all the facilitator and volunteers that have been a part of our journey so far, we cannot appreciate you enough. Let us keep the passion fuelled towards these kids’ growth.


What to Anticipate?

Anticipate more as Codenonia will not relent in her vision to create a community of tech enthusiasts, programmers and engineers who are ready to recreate the future using whatever resources that are available to them.


We have started by discovering the talents of coding in these young minds and still on the mission to advance the technology in Nigeria and even Africa as whole.


Once again we express our intense gratitude to Africa code week and Google for their support.


Stay with us as we continue to give you an insight to our world






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