byFasusi Ayobami




Dem dey target us but na God dey keep us.


Females are an endangered species. They go through a lot and still manage to stay strong.

The society has metamorphosed into a jungle where an average girl child suffers risk of several abuse; sexual and domestic being the most prevalent.

Gone are the days when rape cases were trending! Today, we battle with Pant stealers! That is to say, we cannot wear pants in peace because of some mentally deficient savages who believe that their prosperity or wealth lies in a female’s underwear!

Who came up with this ideology for Pete's sake?

Recently, I watched a video clip of an unidentified man who shamelessly stole a pant from a lady's bathroom window.

You spread your pant outside, na war!

You spread it in your bathroom, pant detectors will still find it.

I cringe at the thought that somewhere, an innocent lady who is going about her daily business is being stalked for ritual purposes.

The female specie is vulnerable to so many predators and unfavorable conditions that put our freedom at risk.

Will these ever end?

So many poor ladies have fallen victims of these animalistic beings who are so desperate to get wealth.

What do we do?

Few days ago, a young lady announced on Instagram that even those that go pantless will be forced to wear a new pant for few minutes before these guys yank it off.

Who did this to us?

Is it a crime to be a female in Nigeria?

Other countries are boasting of advancement in civilization and technology but some Nigerian men are busy stealing pant!!! What a misfortune?!

These kinda wealth will never last!

These predators will end up falling into their own trap and peace will be restored to the female folks.

The Almighty God will continue to keep every lady safe and make our pants inaccessible to these vagabonds.

But in the meantime, we will continue to be on the alert and stay out of trouble.

Dear ladies, Stay safe! I love you



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