byAbimbola Abe




His smiling eyes with fluttering eyelashes, make me escape a few heartbeats, give me amnesia , but at the same time bring solace to my soul.


His eyes...his eyes were what captivated me


Eyes are truly the windows of the heart


His eyes are nothing so dull and lifeless. They teem with emotion and energy. They're warm like the summer storm, wild and untamable


I see myself in them all the time


Like a Forest, I get lost in its wilderness.


His Smile and dimples captivates me


In his arms, I feel secured.


His light touch loosens the tension in my muscle

We were friends. Everyone thought we were dating

"You're destined to be"

"You look so good together"

That's what everyone had said.

"He's my friend"

 "Let's not ruin our friendship. We're better off as friends". That's what I told him when he asked me out

Now, I wish I had said yes.

I spend each day with the realization of how much I love him

Each day, I fall into trance with my thoughts of him

I see him in my dreams

My dreams haunt me.

But he's gone, far away in another woman’s arm.

I should have agreed and told him how I felt.

But now, it's too late to regret



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