byAbimbola Abe

Strange Place

She entered the open space with a sense of familiarity. She carried herself with confidence and with her perfume, she casually  glanced at me, then took her sit some inches away from me.


"Bose, Can you quickly get rid of this thing" , she asked, pointing her fingers to the said party


"Ha, no wahala" Bose had replied with a big smile on her face.


I watched Bose scrape it off quickly, one could hardly see her moves, I couldn't help but think about what could go wrong


I looked on in terror and fascination


People around me laughed, and I wondered why I didn't find anything funny. The greenish fermented water in the nearby gutter gave a pungent smell that made it difficult to breathe.



How did I even get here gan?


I felt weird.


My stomach sank the more I watched.


The picture of how Funmi carried bandage around for weeks kept playing in my head


I shrugged it off


The other ladies there kept chattering about their personal lives; how could they even be comfortable in this place?


A little mistake and you might land in a hospital or something worse


I should be contented with what I have.


Why do we bother to remove what God has placed there for a particular reason sef?  I thought


The woman was done now, her customer looked prettier and better than she was when she walked in.


It was my turn.


She turned to me, expecting me to come nearer, with that ominous object in her hand.


The others has stopped talking now, they looked at me.


I was really scared.


And I was being dramatic and reluctant


"It won't take more than five minute". She promised.


"I'll be careful not to cut you"


She was indeed careful.


It turned out beautiful


That's how I shaved my eyebrows after years of keeping it.




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