byFasusi Ayobami

Day 30 of 30 



This is not a speech as I'd have loved it to be but the #30DaysWritingChallenge has thrown me into sober reflection and I'll share the lessons I've learnt.

1. There's nothing you cannot do if you really set your mind to do it.

2. Sometimes, all you need is a push from the right person.

3. Ideas will always come, what you choose to do with it is left to you.

4. If number 3 doesn't happen, someone's idea can trigger yours. Be innovative and creative with it.

5. The sky is wide enough for birds to fly without touching each other (This saying is sweeter said in Yoruba).

I've read amazing articles by great writers and realized that everyone can shine differently without hindrance.

6. Growth is a continuous process.

As we live, we learn.

It can only get better as you put more efforts.

7. Everything and everyone has a deadline, make hay while the sun shines.


I wanna thank:

* Arakunrin Sarumi for this platform, it has stirred my hunger for writing; please go on a special treat as planned.


*My precious phone for not misbehaving throughout the challenge.


*Myself for listening to myself and bringing out the best in myself.

The challenge was tiring at a point but we had to double up.

I love myself very much.


*The writers who also participated in the challenge, you are amazing.

We will meet in great places.


Kisses and cheese balls.




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