byIbukun Jacob

CRY YOUR OWN CRY                        

We are in a society where everyone wear mask and who is who cannot be identified. We live amidst our fellow brothers masquerading the streets with our identity termed as “unknown”. ‘Who you epp?’ has been the slogan that even infant can utter.

You see the poor pretending as been rich in other to flow in the current of the wealthy. The rich claiming to be strong while using the poor as their monetary foundation.

A lot of pastors have not saved their family yet they want to save the nation. We see Alfa encouraging morals in the mosque, the moral that is not tested and proven in his nuclear family. Our herbalist raise their banner, they say “patronize us and we will make you rich in just six months” yet they’ve live for 20 years in abject poverty.

Cry your own cry my brother. Face the reality that surrounds you before you face the world.

In our family we need a savior and the society is celebrating a Hero. Which hero are you celebrating? the one whose muscles cannot lift his family, oh! I shake my head.

This is not a fiction but that truth which is sweeter than honey. If you really want to save the world, save your brother.

Don’t be a nice person to stranger while you are been cruel to your own relatives.

Nigeria of today care for no one yet you think you are saving her by not caring too, No! Cry your own cry and let that change start from the weight of your tears.





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