byFasusi Ayobami

Iron Condemn 

'Hei Baaaad guy!!'

'Baba for the girls!'

'Master of 7 rounds'

'Iron man'

'Sharp shooter'

Bello's friend hailed him as he emerged from his room.

He gave a mischievous smile.

Beads of sweat formed on his face.

'how far, where the babe?'  Toheeb asked.

'She dey sleep'

'Bad guy!! You don pound person pikin finish, how many rounds you go?' Tunde queried.

'Just 3, She was gasping for air when I was about to commence the 4th, I just withdraw sharpaly' Bello replied.

Hailings rented the air.

'I go wake her before 6pm, make she dey go her house because Bose dey come this night' Bello announced.

'Guy, you no dey tire?' Tunde quizzed, concern etched on his face.

'Haba! Na your strength him dey use? Ride on my guy! Na man you be!' Toheeb declared.

'Make we go chill for Mama Nkechi joint abeg, na Chilled beer and pepper soup sure pass this hot afternoon' Bello offered.

'Wait o! Shebi Nkechi sef dey trip for you? hammer the girl na!' Toheeb advised.

'Nah' Bello replied dismissively.

'she be under age, I no want her mama wahala abeg! If she ripe before I grad, I go plough her field'

'baddest!! After you na you!! Toheeb cheered him on.

They laughed heartily as they strolled out of the hostel…

That was 7 years ago...



Bello stormed out of the house

'Come back here! Useless man! A dildo is better than you! You should be ashamed of yourself' Bose screamed, grabbing his shirt as he approached the car.

'Please keep your voice down, the neighbors can hear you' Bello pleaded weakly, tears forming in his eyes.

'And so? Ehen! And so? Idiot!  We have been married for 6months and I've not experienced orgasm! The highest you've gone is 23 seconds! Who does that?

'Please I beg you, it's not my fault. You know it was not like this when we were in school' Bello explained

'Shut up!! Iron Man! Iron man! You see your life now? You have become Iron condemn, shaaaaammeeeeee'

'Please give me time, I'll fix this'

'It is that time that I don't have! I'll look for someone with a functional iron machinery to replace you! Old cargo!'

Bello forcefully entered his car and zoomed off.

15 minutes later, on the highway, his phone rang. He parked.



'Toheeb speaking'

'i know'

'Errrr.... there is a problem'

'what is it?

'I'm sorry to tell you this but a video of you is trending online right now, Did you fight with Bose? she was screaming about...'

Bello disconnected the call.

His heart pulsating.

He logged in to Instagram.


Tears streaming his face, he watched the previous incident he experienced 20 mins ago...

There were tags already, hateful comments, mockery, shame…

He bit his lip hard and bowed his head.

The last thing he remembered...he was descending, his eyes shut, the impact with the water and then Oblivion....

30 minutes later, the headline reads:

'Iron condemn man commits suicide by drowning, his body yet to be found'



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