byAbimbola Abe

The Cute Guy on Dreadlocks 

I saw this cute guy on Dreadlock in church today, moving about the church, just jejely doing his own thing.

Something drew my attention to him.

Mister Dreadlock had this biscuit with him which he kept struggling to open, fortunately for him, his sister who had been watching him for a while took it from him and helped him with it, removed one of the biscuits and gave this little champ the rest of the biscuit pack.  Well, being a kid that he is, somehow, somehow the biscuit poured off.  Sad, yeah?? ?😪


What amazed me was how tranquil his sister was, like she was expecting it,  she was used to him being imperfect and ever ready to help, so she gathered it all up and left the crumbs on the floor, then once again offered Mr Dread one of the clean biscuit but no, he kept refusing it; he was totally fascinated by the crumbs on the floor, he kept on picking and eating the crumbs on the floor while the sister tried in vain to let him see she had something better with her.


It got me thinking about God and us.  We're like these imperfect children of His that keeps eating crumbs instead of trusting Him to provide us with the real deal.  He cleans up our mess and gives us the best, yet we keep refusing it, we're so focused on the crumbs that we hardly look at what he has in stock for us. We act all knowledgeable like he isn't the author of wisdom and knowledge.

We forget that He wants the best for us and he is not pissed off by any of our flaws.

If He is unaware of our flaws and weaknesses, he would not have bothered sending his only begotten son to wash our sins off and make us blameless.

If He is unaware of our imperfections, there would have been no reason to redeem us.

God knows we will fall but He is always ready to pick us up.

Stop eating crumbs today, accept Jesus and everything he has to offer.




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