Youth Arise: Beyond Social Media Rumblings

It is no longer news that the Nigerian youth are now thinking of rejigging how things are done in various spaces across the country.   You, also, will not be taken aback by the series of moves going on nationwide to ensure that more youth become confident in themselves and stand up for what they really believe in.  


In my opinion, I believe the 2015 polls triggered an unprecedented level of interest amongst the teeming youth. We are now aware that our destiny is truly in our hands.   Interestingly, the social media platforms available to us, beyond the reach of the self serving Lords of today, have given us more options - increased confidence and unmatched belief in our unity and ability to do well.  


Following the sheer disregard for our capacity to bring good governance to the people, many concerned youth took it upon themselves to ignite a wildfire, the #NotTooYoungToRun campaign cleared the air ways on our readiness to install a new order.   However, in recent times, I have seen a new wave - a strong movement of youth that are working assiduously to ensure that when the #NotTooYoungToRun bill is passed, the youth are not caught unawares.  


They want to ensure that there's a platform (not necessarily a new platform/structure) that will support the aspirations of the young ones with proven capacity to steer the nation's ship.   #YouthArise, a constellation of vigour, intellect, desire for a working nation and a place we can truly call a home is gaining popularity on social media - Facebook, especially.   I want to believe that I have not claimed premature victory for this movement because it is reoccurring on my timeline. I hold it to be true, until proven otherwise, that this movement is truly moving. It's meteoric rise and acceptance must be applauded.  


The progenitors, supporters and all those who have signed up to ensure the movement goes beyond noise making and social media camaraderie must be commended. They must be given all the support needed to ensure they find their feet, thrive and make the best of this great opportunity to make Nigeria a great nation.   As a political watcher (and an active citizen), I feel the important need to debunk and throw in the pit of hell, the usual notion that this nation needs a 'stand alone' youth movement (or political party as the case may be) to put her in the rightful place. This is not to make light of the innovation, passion and intellectual capacity of the young ones. It is to ensure we do not make the mistakes the older generation made.  


As the #YouthArise movement garners more traction, the words of the popular system's theorist, Richard Buckminster Fuller should be reiterated. "You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."   Armed with Fuller's admonition, the proponents of #YouthArise must ensure that the narrative is beyond a take over orchestrated by the youth but a complete (and gradual) overhaul of the system which have impoverished us all.  


They must make their blueprint available to the populace, explain in the simplest terms possible - what they are about, their goals, how they intend to restructure politics and governance and how to ensure their efforts are replicated and sustained beyond today.   As a project manager, my head troubles a lot about sustainability because as Brian Tracy noted, 'it's not what gets us into the market, it is about what keeps us in there (and at the top).   #YouthArise must not make the mistake of pushing the older generation away. The painful fact is; we can't do it alone. Unlike the older generation, we must ensure everyone is included and this is our first hurdle. Inclusion helps us to bridge the gap between the past and the future.   It also helps us to receive the necessary guidance and puts away the notion that we are at war with the older generation.  


As the building goes on, everyone must be ready to sacrifice one thing or the other to ensure that the set goals are achieved. We must also understand that creating a better Nigeria is beyond political mobilisation.   #YouthArise, as a matter of urgency, must involve and mobilise young CEOs, young religious leaders and other (young) leading lights in all walks of life.   The synergy must be deliberately created and our interdependence must be fully understood and appreciated.   It must be said, without mincing words, that this struggle is not for the faint-hearted. It is a battle of brainpower and financial strength - how do we overcome (these hurdles) if we battle in isolation?  


As I prepare to drop off this pen, the words of Emma Goldman strikes me more. "People have only as much liberty as they have the intelligence to want and the courage to take".   This solidifies my belief that we must be battle ready on all fronts, beyond social media posturing and political masturbation to the delight of a few onlookers.  


Our solutions must be home made and easy to use, our ideology(ies) must reflect the true yearnings of the average man and our goal must be sacrosanct.   It must be noted, also, that everyone on board must continue to improve on all fronts to ensure we do not become spent shells after a few hurdle.   Our eyes must not be solely on hijacking power and it's apparatus.   We must be resolute, now and forever, to lead Nigerians in words and in deeds.



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