byOmolarami Owotomose

A New Nigeria 

When is this dream of a New Nigeria ever going to come true?

When will a son of nobody become somebody?

Without even knowing anybody


When will the poor have access to free and better health care?

When will the poor stop dying because they can't even afford to pay the hospital bills?

When will the citizens of this great country Nigeria start having a sense of belonging?


When will our female graduates stop being sexually molested?

When will they be able to make right choices for themselves?

When will they stop sleeping with these old fools to earn a living?


When will our young guys stop banking on cybercrime and stop selling females' panties?

When are we going to make them realise they can make their own cash?

When are we going to start believing that we can graduate and make ends meet legitimately?


When will education become the best legacy?

When will our youth start becoming the leaders of tomorrow?

When will the poor start getting justice?


When will the pot (PDP) stop calling kettle (APC) black?

When are we ever going to overcome our fears and be able to openly call a spade a spade?

When are we going to get the "Freedom" that our Country's "independence" has denied us?




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