byFasusi Ayobami



It's been 8 months since you were forcefully recruited into the army.

Our parting hug was brief and I wasn't allowed to enjoy marital bliss before you were taken away from me.

I have soaked my pillows with tears and held on to our memories for support.

The days are lonely and the nights are cold, feelings of depression overwhelm me.

The radio has been my companion as I eagerly listen to the news.

I heard that the many men have fallen and my heart skips a beat.

I look out the window at intervals eagerly anticipating your return.

It's been 8 months of silence from your end and my heart is weary.

There's no one here that can fill this vacuum.

Adewale, do not die on me; I cannot bear the thought of losing you.

I want this little one in my belly to meet his father.

This has been my only consolation.

Fight for me.

Fight, for us.

Come back to us.



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