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THE THIRD LAW OF KARMA -The Law of Humility

"We must accept something before we can change it."


The law of humility states that what you refuse to accept will continue for you. This law seems to be a complex one but it really simple.


For example, there are some certain things you tried to avoid but they still keep on coming, they seem difficult to tackle. The best is to accept it and take precautions so it won't hurt you again.


Another example, A student that failed start shedding tears heavily with anger, at that movement the student needs it and has to accept the failure first, after being calmed, reasons for her failure can now be deduced and work upon.


Life is all about humility, accept what it brings to you first in a wise manner and act wisely upon it.


Especially, in relationships If you failed not to appreciate each other weaknesses first, you can't have a good relationship. When you embrace each other weaknesses and not turning it to the weakness, as times goes on you will influence each other positively and the weaknesses will turn into celebrated strengths. But at first, you've humbly accepted the weaknesses before being act upon.


Accept everyone the way they are, directly and indirectly you will be able to influence them to what you really want.

Never discriminate others instead embrace one another.






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