Everything in Nigeria now is all about the forthcoming elections. Whatever you say or do, people would find a very funny way of linking it with elections.


It is nothing new to hear people talk about Nigeria's Promised Land; a place where everything works, where there is order and sanity reigns supreme. A land where people don't have to choose between evil and worse but have to pick from a range of available best. It is a thing of joy to know that though the journey to the Promised Land might take longer than expected, it is not an impossible thing to do.


It is a realistic dream and Lagos has shown us this. You might want to argue however that everything is not right with Lagos but you would agree with me that the mega city is on the right path, leading the way and making marks that are enviable. Lagos State has evolved in such a way that it's becoming mythical and people now reference this land surrounded by a large mass of water in everything. Over 90% of the electorates in Nigeria believe that the two leading presidential candidates are not the best this Country can produce, yet they are ready to choose between staying in the frying pan or cooling off in the fire.


This has been largely influenced by the platform available since REALISM continues to thrive over IDEALISM in our dear country. This reality seems to be different for Lagosians with respect to the elections. The Lagos guber polls is one of the most followed online after the presidential elections because of the qualities of candidates involved and partly to the pre-primary election drama (though this drama played out everywhere, some States are still "watching" theirs). Out of the 10 contenders in Lagos State, two (2) are very prominent that it now seems like they are only ones in the race.


The qualities, capabilities coupled with plans for the state have never been questioned in any quarter. This scenario is very distinct from what we are facing as we consider who to vote for as president. Jimi Agbaje, a seasoned pharmacist and politician has excelled in all the fields he has ventured into. He is a great activist and this led him into politics. He contested this same office in 2007 on the platform of Democratic People's Alliance (DPA) and his campaign was said to have been adjudged the best. In a press debate organized for guber candidates in Lagos State, Agbaje succinctly highlighted the plan he has for the state.


Also at this debate, Ambode Akinwunmi who served the state for more than 25 years in different capacities also availed himself the opportunity to sell his plans for the state. It was crystal clear that in the forthcoming election in Lagos, whoever emerges would be a blessing to the people of Lagos State. Be it Akele of NCP, Kayode of MP, Aregbesola (not Rauf) of AA, Obadia of IA, Victor of Kowa, Bolaji of AD or Abiodun of LP. The headache of Lagos electorates would only be how to pick the best from a pool of best. It is sure not going to be an easy task. Should platform(s) play bigger role in election than personality(ies)?


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