byDowole' Gold Moyinoluwa


Oh Harmattan!!!


I opened the door in the morning, morning greeted me with cold weather!

I went out at noon, noon expressed itself through dryness and dust laden wind.

And all I was hearing and feeling is "Doctor Wind" and I took a deep breath hmmm

Harmattan is here!!!!


Harmattan brings with it hot, dry and dusty winds that blow across West Africa from the Sahara Desert into the Gulf of Guinea.

The harmattan season, in Nigeria, is a period from early November till mid- March when the people experience hot, dry wind that blows from the Northeast.


What bothers me most is the scarcity of Water; people will start carrying buckets, kegs from one place to another in search of water for domestic use.

People with well, will begin to hide their fetchers and lock their wells.

People with boreholes will start scheduling water pumping.

Rivers, streams will refuse to ooze water.

Since there is no even hope for rain, irrigation will be the order of the day for the farmers.


Those without shelter will stay in harsh cold without covering.

Homeless people will roam about without assistance.

Motherless babies will seek for covering!

Widows and widowers will seek for attention and cuddles.


But when love is expressed expressly, harmattan will be favourable!

Harmattan period is just for the 5 months:

Don't hide your fetchers!

Don't lock your tap!

Buy cardigan for the needy!

Assist the destitute!

Be kind to all!


#30DaysWritingChallenge .



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