In the midst of many

He longed for more

Not because more is valuable

But for his shamelessness


For the juice under skirts

And the fruits cloaked by the shirts

He jumps around without check


When he asks for more

It is not to quench a thirst

Perhaps, to conquer a new land

And learn of its honey


Jostling for more wands

Of crispy sweet smelling notes

Not for the good of humanity

For the ego he has built


To trample on those who don’t have

Mock those who don’t have enough

Oppress those who have close enough


To say to the underprivileged

That they are lazy

Or to call their gods dead

Nay! It’s all for him


Meddling in the affairs of others

Not because he was called to

But to show his tongue’s power

To make cry for his joy

And make happy for his glory

Just that he’s shameless



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