In the Dark

And it was dark,
Throwing me around like I lacked
Perhaps, I do lack.


My thoughts were vain
And the bloods in my vein
Were thought to be mine
Only that it's a landmine.


Ready to go off
Off the trails of sanity
Worrying beyond limits - off
With many questioning my sanity.


And the hold of the dark tightens
Strangulating my morality
Deepening the evil around tighs
Threatening to tie me down.


Yet I fight on
Onward to light
With the hope of bliss
Carrying the blisters as awards


And in my strainj world 
No ears to listen to my cries 
Only men mocking my tries 

Yet I fight on 
Onward to light 
With the bliss of hope 
And my scars as victory badges.

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