byOgundoyin Adewale

The Forgotten Battle

At that moment, I remembered my childhood rhymes:

“He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day”

…just that I never really fought, and now it’s too late to fight again.


I felt it wasn’t a big deal

I did not feel like fighting the battle

I pushed it away like it never mattered

I felt I could run the race without caring much about it

So I put on my racing shoes and ran

The coach kept pointing out its presence,

But I kept running, till I couldn’t feel the guilt anymore

I thought it had lost track of me

I felt a momentarily peace

Until suddenly, at the finishing line it appeared

It stood there, towering over me like a giant.

Oh! The forgotten battle!!!


I thought my little pride didn’t matter,

After all, I only boasted of God’s gifts

I thought my little lies was a norm

Everybody lies, even some pastors

I thought my lustful thoughts were not so bad

I didn’t even think of exercising them

I thought and thought until I killed the still small voice in me


I should have fought this battle!

I should have defeated the old man who still ruled a part of me

I should have dealt with my sinful desires

Now, at the end of the race,

When I thought I had run the good race

The old nature stood tall, accusing me of my unsanctified life

Is this how I’ll lose my crown of glory?




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