bySidiqat Olalere-Abdulkareem

State of Our Nation  

A cousin lost his baby recently, and that has to be the saddest thing I’ve heard of recent. What could have happened to an innocent child that made her just died? According to the parent, she was running a fever and was immediately taken to the hospital. At the hospital, they transfused her with blood and then she was taken to the village to receive tradomedical health care. Eventually she died.


Religious people would say her death is the will of God, which might be true. But our own helplessness can be a huge contributing factor to whatever calamity befalls us. It is a known fact that the average Nigerian don’t go to the hospital whenever they get sick, talk more of having a routine medical checkup. Reason being that people are scared of the money that would be required of them to pay. But do you blame them? Healthcare is expensive and not many people can afford it, this is why many try as much as possible to avoid the hospital, rather, they self-medicate.


Majority of the people living in Nigeria are living dead. These people have ailments and disease and while majority doesn’t know, those that know are helpless. Meanwhile, it is important to detect some ailments early before they cause much damage to the body. Not only after serious damage had been done do many decide to see the doctor. They’ll rather treat their “small” sickness in the corners of their houses by themselves.


One quack doctor had diagnosed me with ulcer before, when all I am suffering from is too much acidity in my gut. A simple diet of milk and less spicy and oily food can reduce the acid level, but he said he was going to operate on me. But do I blame him for the wrong diagnosis? No. I blame myself and my family for not consulting a more qualified doctor. And I don’t blame my family too, everything boils down to money.


This is one of the reasons why we need a change in Nigeria. We need a change of government. Too many people are dying avoidable deaths and majority of these deaths are linked to poor health care. If the government of this country doesn’t give its citizen anything, we at least deserve a better healthcare and security.


Nigerians shouldn’t stop until they get their heart desire. We must give a new hand an opportunity to steer the affairs of this nation. Buhari and Atiku have done it before, and there’s little or nothing to show for their work, a new hand has to be given a chance to be the president of this nation. We can be great again.



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