byOlabode Abidakun


Imagine eyes don't blink

Sapiens don't sleep

We consume via anus

Don't blame us.


Imagine technology didn't exist,

What if women vomited babies?

What if? Just what if vices were norms.

And who knows if what we believe are just fallacy and myths.

And rain doesn't fall neither does snowflakes hurl down!


Sun doesn't scorch!

If sun snowed, and rain shone!

What about using fire to bath? And Water to ignite food?

If we didn't have to be worried about garments and attires!

What if Nimrod never built that high tower? And thus speak same language from this end to the other?

If we could swap continents at will?


If legal tender never existed.

Football was a fallacy and never really had any significance?

Music was just some kind of unacceptable noise?

If we didn't have to go for tertiary education

Even some who think they have a job don't actually have one.

There were no requirements for nothing!


No laws, no transgressions; all savages!

And we didn't need to die, just keep living.

How I really wished ailments never interrupted the flow of existence.

The fury hell never existed.


And we didn't really need to bring in civilization!

Who needed to recharge mobile device if it didn't exist?

Would life be boring if we could live 900 years?

What if the westerners didn't fly in to liberate us as they brand it?

Had slave trade not stopped, where will you be?


If $1 could go back to being equal to ₦1.

If women were the husbands and men were the wives?

What if social media platform never existed?

And would you be contented if you ate your beef without being boiled?

Only if thieves were chiefs and the other way round!


Switching from normalcy to anomaly!

A bigot rules and the world is in peace!

If only corrupt officers were executed for their political transgressions!

Can we go back to thinking normally now!  



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