byOlabode Abidakun


Looks there, looks here, no one sees him, he seems to see no one, slides one hand inside his lower garment, the other hand on his mobile device and keeps frolicking till he gets hard on, and jerks till he is calm, on and on it happens, only when he looks there and looks here.

Looks there, looks here, no one is watching her, she feels invisible, she pulls her shopping wheel over to the grocery section, shop lifting at the mall. Shops without paying when leaving the mall. This happens when she looks there, she looks here and the green light says she is safe.

 From dawn to dusk, dusk to dawn, The duo are found buzzing of rum, oozing of locally brewed gin, never alright until intoxicated to the brim, the duo make it their habit, a daily visit to the liquor store. It never changes, a regular routine because it is dusk to dawn and dawn to dusk movement.

From dusk to dawn, she is always dripping wet. She never stops fantasising, from dawn to dusk, she always wants more, always squeezing her legs at every sweet male passing around town. Her delight is that her demands are met but who can meet these demands of a maniac? It was heard once that her rape victims bled to death. Does she fade? Does she tire out? Does she scream for help? That's why she dares for more from dusk to dawn.

The old man didn't start today, way back, way back into time, he had been gambling from the paper system and till the online network, he didn't stop. He plans to stop and suddenly boom!, He wins a jackpot, would you want to stop a system that fetches you lot of cash? Fast forward to time, he continues and keeps loosing until he has lost all he won; he borrows, sells, steals and commits other vices just to gamble for some more money, but as it would be, time up!

Granny didn't start now; she studied in the western world and while in school, got used to pills that made her feel alright. Anytime she felt angry or bored, she took her thing and it worked alright until the demon seizure appeared, she would become stiff, gnash teeth and lie down helplessly, this was the beginning of an end. When it leaves, she goes back to her beloved pills, whatever will kill you will show signs, but only you will help you. Granny would still take pills until she drops dead from overdose of pills.

Whatever your addiction is, you will come across your waterloo someday, you can't run away. Whatever you have decided to tag as your favorite habit, consequences and time will tell what your reward will turn out to be.

We get immediate gratification from these addictions and find them very hard to give up, indeed. That's a pretty good definition of addiction. One who has a tabula rasa is not scared to be cheated on! One who has no hidden agenda can't be caught unaware, there is nothing to be unaware of, it all seem right.

No one is meant to direct you, we are all transgressors. We only err differently! However, whatever you do that stumble others and in the end puts you in danger is not cool for you. We will only do our best to assist ourselves. We are all capable of being addicts and in a way or the other, we are all addicted to a specific thing, bad or good.

Some see it as crime, some as sin, some as spiritual weakness, some even tag it failure in morality. You term it whatever name, it has only one goal; to make you accustomed and be indispensable in your life. If it will do good, if it will do you bad, be the judge! 



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