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Just by having the mind set, you create the money-set. By making your wealth a priority and treating it with the same care and concern you would treat those people or organization closest to you, you foster new growth. Imagine what it would be like to inherit #2billion.

Find an old check book and actually write out checks to spend or invest the entire #2billion of your imaginary inheritance. Let your heart make the decision. Don’t read further until you’ve done this. I also hope you have read the previous discussion.   Then Join us in the next paragraph.

We’ve got a secret to share. Here’s the secret. That two billion is not just an imaginary wish. You’ve already inherited it. Yes. You’re already worth at least a hundred million. What?!  You say. “Where is it? Show me the money!” You already possess it. It’s inside you and all around you. Now! Your fortune is hidden in plain sight. Sound crazy? Okay. Scale that number down.

Strike off two or three zeroes. How much would that leave you?   Look around you, add up the profits made by people who sold you stuff that’s in your House right now and you’re looking at a minimum of #1million naira. Doubt that? How much profit did the company that sold you your carpets and flooring make in the past ten years? What about your cell phone? Just off that one device alone. In fact, if you really tracked it down, the companies that were responsible for creating all of the stuff in your current lifestyle have generated billions on profit over the years.   Why can’t you peel off just a silver of that for yourself? Not just imaginary money. We’re talking cash! In your pocket, Interested? Every single thing you see in your current living space made someone a fortune. You might be barely making ends meet at this time. Maybe you’re unemployed. Or deep in debt. But the stuff all around you (even if you live in a cramped apartment) made someone a fortune. It’s probably still making them fortunes.

Hold that thought. As an entrepreneur, you’re on the lookout for things that you can sell to people.    


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