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Your Past and the Future: Stepping Stones for Success – Femi Folorunsho (Protege)

Written by #TheAATS

It is a new year and there’s no better time to talk about your past and future than the first day of a new year. It is the time we are filled with energy and resolutions, wishlist and goals, desires and new dreams.  It is a good time to talk about the stepping stones for success.


Continuing from the first part, we would like to talk about the three techniques to aid you and today, it will be about DETERMINATION


What is determination? It is ‘fearlessness’. As it were it is the familiarity of a person with his potential and energy to accomplish something. Being resolute, intends to set yourself up to accomplish something by keeping your state of mind positive. On the off chance that you don’t have the determination that you can reach your objective at the point. No issues, how simple the function is, you can’t prevail in that. Having said that; instead of examining the noteworthiness of determinations, how about we begin discussing its effect?


Determination is one such thing that greatly affects one’s life. Regardless of what you go for, regardless of what you are able to do, on the off chance that you are sufficiently resolved to get what you need, there is nothing that can ever stop you.


Determination is that initial step, which keeps you focused on your objective. It influences you to move mountains and do wonders. It is additionally the nonstop power that gives you vitality to defeat the troubles while in transit to your point. It supplies you the ability to center your brain on the outcome, and not getting pestered by the challenges you confront.


Determination is itself an individual objective that you can set for yourself to continue going until the point that you achieve your goal or what you set out for yourself to do. As such, you can state that determination is an incredible inspiration.


Determination is the main assistant that gives you the best and the conceivable opportunity to accomplish your objectives. Determination isn’t a thing that you can get from “the other”; it needs to begin with you. You need to perceive that you will accomplish the objective, and regardless of how troublesome the way is! In the event that you are an identity with solid determination then you can get the objective that you wanted to get.


Before taking the necessary steps, it is anything but difficult to set objectives that you need to accomplish in future; one can do it effectively. A few times we see individuals saying: “I need to be this, I need to get that.” These things are anything but difficult to state, however accomplishing it, winds up plainly as an ordinary issue.


The accomplishment is the measure of our prosperity. When you accomplish your objective, it gives you the sense of victory; the feeling of greatness. When you have achieved one objective, at that point it propels you for the following objective and much greater objectives.


On the off chance that you begin to try endeavors to accomplish an objective with solid determination at that point, keep this thing in your mind that in transit, you will confront a few obstacles that will attempt to stop you and take away your motivation, yet in the event that you have sufficiently resolved to cross every one of these obstacles and get what you go for, at that point nobody can stop you from achieving the objective. In this way, dependably, be resolute about what you need to do, on the grounds that the individual with solid determination defines the objective for himself and lets nothing prevent or dissuade him from achieving his objectives.



Happy New Year. I wish you all a prosperous one – be determined to make the year beautiful.



The view expressed above is solely of the author.

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