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#The25KChallenge Frequently Asked Questions


The #25KChallenge is the initiative of Surulere Farms and managed by The AATS media ( the parent body of aatsarumi.com.ng). Surulere Farms hope to see young people put their energy in personal and financial development.


  1. What Do You Want To Achieve With Challenge?


Our desire is to see young people with viable business ideas pursue the dream in a set up that gives them room to flourish and express their innate abilities in a work environment.


  1. Is The #25,000 The Ultimate Price?


The monetary reward which two people will get is just the token for your troubles while submitting your entry. The main price is to have the one with the best entry join our project team.


  1. What Are The Terms And Conditions For Entry Consideration?


There are no stringent rules. Before your proposal can be considered, it must be sent to all emails provided. This is to ensure that all members of the review committee can access it independently. We also hope that participants would follow the instructions to the letter. It is a test of how much detail a participant can grab.


There would also be a physical interview. This is to confirm the readiness and determine your depth of knowledge with respect to the proposal.


  1. Is It Limited To a Sector Of The Economy?


There’s no restriction with respect to what sector of the economy the business can target. The most important things are feasibility, scalability and provision of solutions to needs in our immediate environment.


  1. Is There a Limit To Number Of Entries?


Multiple entries are allowed but must be sent under the same name.




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