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Nigerian youth, the largest part of her population is an enigmatic concept as a whole. It is one area that the nation is yet to celebrate victory with respect to challenges faced by the country.

The country is plagued by too many problem, the youth is specifically unique. The youth, a problem that has refused to admit it’s a problem which is why solving the conundrum it finds herself would always pose a problem to policy makers and handlers of this nation.

Like I attributed earlier, it is an enigmatic part of this nation. A section hard to understand and manage. Depending on where you are standing, if you think Nigeria is dysfunctional, check her youth, they are dysfunctional. If you’re one of those that believe Nigeria is getting better, you would see a section of her youth that is getting better.

Nonetheless, it would be unfair to portray Nigeria’s youth as problematic. It would also be biased to say that the youth are solving the nation’s problem already. You would however be right to believe that whatever is wrong or right with the youth is not a unique attribute.

Nigeria used to have a strong economy that was standing abreast the US economy but have since fallen short of expectation. This country used to produce graduates that are intelligent, vibrant and dynamic. She is now producing jejune. This is is not to say there are no more outstanding people in the country. In the past, it was all good with prospects for being the best but not again. Things have gone from bad to worse.

Sen Bukola Saraki once said that Nigeria is the only country in the world where parents had better Education than their children. This is not about education or other sectors of the Nigerian economy. The references are just to remind us of a time that people used to be very proud of dear nation.

Are you proud of what is left of the country now? If you are not, you should ask yourself if you have done anything worthy for the nation. If yes, then you should be proud of yourself. If no, there is still enough time to right your wrongs.

One of the ways to right this wrong you have done against this country is to be responsible by carrying out your civic duties. The duties the constitution confers on you. The things posterity would ask you about. Paramount amongst this is the right to vote and be voted for. This you would be able to do in a matter of days.

Minutes have grown into hours, hours into days and days into weeks, we continue to wait for the day when we would be able to elect as enjoined by the law or select as a few set of people referred to as cabal want to do on our behalf.

In times past, everything worked fine. The economy flourished, agriculture boomed, industries thrived and education was rock solid. It is a different tale entirely in this present age and so it is for the youth. There used to be a time when the youth were active and concerned with happenings around them. This was a time that policy makers took them serious and they fought tyrant governments to standstill. This same youth used to be unbiased and politically oriented such that youth wings of political parties were forces to reckon with. It was a time when people were proud of themselves and channelled their youthful energy into positive actions geared towards nation building.

However, in this digital age where new media is the front liner in every aspect of our lives, the youth have returned to their shells and turned into cowards who are only blessed with the power to mudsling. They have resulted to being fencists rather than showing genuine interest in the life affecting issues rampaging the country.
It has been observed that few of the youth are interested and involved in mainstream politics, the rest claim it is a dirty game for those that are heartless. It must be noted, however, that the interest of the Nigerian youth in politics (election precisely) has soared at a geometric rate but the incentive they are responding to must be questioned.

It has been seen that those that preach the FORWARD MARCH are those swayed by the power of the bank alerts and few zero digits while those in the CHANGE TRAIN are trying to right their wrong of falling for the SHOELESSNESS award winning deceit. These still can’t be regarded as genuine interest in the process of governance in this country.

Nonetheless, there are numerous others on either side of the divide who are genuine participants and are truly involved in the process of politicking and electioneering. They discuss issues and not people, are ready to go the extra mile for dear nation and dedicated to social good.

Just like every other facet of an average Nigerian’s life, the incentive and motivation people respond to must be reviewed. The youth must be encouraged to fully participate in the process of making Nigeria work by coming to the front low to engage the older generation and profer workable solutions.

What’s your take on youth involvement in party politics?
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