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We have heard, even to the state that we got angry (some didn’t get angry because they were on the inside) of the change slogan. We all agreed at some point that the definition of change is relative. You define it according to your placement and underlying logic.

As far as logic goes, continuity was modified to change when they lost what seems to be their birth right. In Lagos, the government of the day dispensed with change and adopted continuity. All these are synonyms in the dictionary of the politricians.

Whether we want to admit or not, change is here and we can’t say this enough. Not just in the political structure of the country but in the level of consciousness of the governed about governance. We have all arisen from the dead.
In this changing time, however, where do you belong?

This question was prompted by the level of optimism Professor Musa (the Imam of Ekiti State University) always show during his sermons since the end of the last general elections. He commended the sitting president for calling the president-elect to congratulate him. He, however said it is not like he had another option but he must be commended.

I thought we heard the last of it immediately after the elections but I was wrong. Every Jumat service, after the sermon, the Imam always find a way of admonishing the students to change their evil ways and fall in line.

He will always say enthusiasm that Nigeria will reclaim her rightful place amongst comity of nations, be the true giant of Africa and become a nation her citizens will be proud of. He noted that for the first time in so many years things will work in the country.

His optimism is premised on the disciplinarian nature of the president-elect and the Imam believes this will permeate every other citizen in the country.

If this happens, people will only get things on merit, there would be a tough time for those used to “cutting corners” and going through the back door. If this is true, people will only reap what they sow, where they did and at the appropriate time of harvest. If this is true, the time when people without values are in charge of our common wealth is as good as over.

If this is true, in this changing times, where do you belong? Are you in the team where they wish the incoming administration fails so they can say “I TOLD YOU SO?” Are you hoping the government delivers on all her promises?

To be frank, if the government fails just like you wish for, it wont only go bad for you, we would have wasted another four years at trying to get it right.

If you wish the other way round, that the government comes good with her promises, we will all benefit from it. Immensely, I must say.

However, benefitting from this won’t be on the usual chop-make-I-chop, not the traditional sharing of the national cake and I am certain it won’t be the take-make-we-see-road-pass geopolitical sharing.

To benefit from this new Nigeria, a project that will outlive all of us, you must be proactive, value oriented and opportunities will be merited.

In this changing times, the terms and conditions for engagement will change not drastically but at a rate that will need you to be at your very best, a pace you have never raced before or you become out of use.

The change that is here goes beyond political structure, it will affect the modus operandi, uproot the things drawing us back as a nation and stampede the bad egg amongst us.

In this changing times, I want to be a positive minded man, value driven, selfless, dedicated, resilient and committed.

In this changing times, where do you belong?

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