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He is an Idea Management Expert with certification in Model Thinking. TA (@tomisinajiboye) as he is fondly called is the Principal for Idea Factory Consulting Ltd, co-founder of Creative Entrepreneur Organization and an ambassador of Good Governance. He is an author, entrepreneur and a philanthropist who is on the look out for the lost crunch of Steve Job’s apple. He feels the Nigerian youth are more informed now but the good ones (leaders in politics and business) are not yet born. Hello, let us meet you sir.

TA: Before you meet me, let me appreciate for this inspiring platform and for having me today. I hope my story puts fire in many that come in contact with it. My name is Tomisin Ajiboye, I am an Idea Management Consultant. What is Idea Management?

TA: Idea management is a process of generating, evaluating, implementing and monitoring business ideas. It involves an innovative process. For instance, If you have an idea or you don’t have any idea or your business got stuck, all you need is to talk to us at Idea Factory and we will think through, diagnose and recommend. We help take your business to next level or help you startup your business. Idea Management sounds like a unique field. How did your journey into idea management, development and branding begin?

TA: I started as a self tutored graphic designer which gave me my branding background. It has been a tough journey but consistency does it for me. Branding has always been my thing but for the idea management, I did a two years internship with a consulting firm. My two years internship was without payment, it was very tough to survive but the experience and the knowledge I got sufficed. After my two years internship, I started Idea Factory Consulting. This was how it all started. What is Idea factory – goals and mission?

TA: To make organization adopt creativity and innovation for the purpose of personal development, nation building, regional cooperation and global participation. In summary, using innovative tools, problem solving techniques and creative processes, we tend to boost organization income, train organizations and individuals to use up their creative abilities in everyday process. You can find out more on our website at How do you identify an idea that it’s time has come?

TA: It depends on the idea owner – the passion and willingness. Ideas are always on time. Humans are the ones who has to understand the time. For instance, Naira is being devalued, many organizations and individuals do not understand the consequence on their productivity. And when they eventually do, what would be the easy solution. We require someone to come up with a timely idea for this kind of problem. When there is a problem, the solution is idea(s). But it is not every time we have a problem before an idea, you must be able to use your creativity to come up with a solution that people has not thought of but very useful. For instance, the iPad – There was no certain problem before it came. And it was quite useful, very useful. Great example. What is/are the implications of Nigeria’s economic outlook for entrepreneurs?

TA: The country has no adequate plans for entrepreneurs. The current outlook will make it difficult for many entrepreneurs especially those who are just coming up. The devaluation of Naira keeps the exchange rate very unstable. It is a new world of internet, people make payment online every now and then. This will be more expensive. The devaluation will favour our exportation industries but we have less than 1.5% of Nigeria Entrepreneurs are into exportation. While we have almost 35% importing, this will give rise goods becoming more expensive. With the devaluation and inadequate plans for entrepreneurs, What do you think of the present government’s economic drive – if there is any yet?

TA: There is no plan in place. The economy is nosediving and the administration is focused on fighting corruption. I will use a scenario. It is like a pilot (administration) looking for passengers (some corrupt citizens) who are not using their seat belts while the plane(country economy) is crashing. They have no plans for entrepreneurial atmosphere of this country. It is every man for himself, but again, this has been an advantage for many entrepreneurs because it gave them room to run faster without waiting or looking for help from their government. Besides, inadequate job opportunities has berth entrepreneurial spirit. As an advocate for the adoption of creativity for personal and cooperate development, how do you think this can aid Nigeria’s hunt for greatness?

TA: The only solution to our inadequacies is adoption of creativity. Look at China for instance, they also devalued their currency with 28% but it boosted their economy because they have more products to export. China used their creativity to create, make and then innovate. If you have the time, pick up a book called China Strategy, so if we adopt creativity, it will build our lives and affect our country economy. Is the Nigerian youth motivated enough to lead a brand revolution?

TA: Yes, we are. Nigerian youths are more informed than what it used to be. Look at how they pushed Jonathan out of office. Things are far better than what it used to be. We are getting better. Yes! we can lead a brand revolution. After all, the world is now flat with the Internet. Leadership in politics and business, how would you describe it?

TA: Selfishness is what we have. Even in business, I can categorically say that the good ones are not yet born. Well, it is like this everywhere in the world but they always manage to put a great leader on presidential seat – someone who loves their country more than their selves but we are getting help. More and more seminars everyday, International help such as YALI. YALI network has grown more than a 100,000 Nigerian youth. That is very good, it means more eyes will be opened to good leadership and business lessons. Just like you are assured that the youth can lead a brand revolution, do you think the solution to Nigeria’s problem – leadership wise is her youth?

TA: Yes. I just said that from the YALI network example. Are you open to mentorship, to help raise the next generation of leaders?

TA: Of course. That is what this is about – business wise. That’s what we have been doing and we will keep doing it to build this nation and develop ourselves. On a final note sir, what is your advise to the Nigerian youth?

TA: Never relent, never allow your background determine your future, do not submit to the status quo. Never give up or stop till it gets better. Finally, on your quest in life, there is only one resource that will never leave you. It abides with you all the time. That is your creativity, that is the breath of God in you. You must use it to get what you want.

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